We have developed the FAQs based on frequently asked questions by our members – review them for the answer to your question(s).


If you still cannot find the information you are looking for please mail us at admin@hamaranikah.com


How Do I Change My Username, Email Address or Password?
Sorry we do not have the facility of changing username and email address. You can change your password by clicking on MY PROFILE at the top of the page and after that click the option edit profile, right hand side of the page CHANGE PASSWORD appears you can change your paasword.


I Can’t Remember my Password. How Can I Find It Again?
Mail us at admin@hamaranikah.com your username and email id we will revert you shortly with your password.


I deleted my account, can I re-instate my account?
Sure, just email us with your account details, and we can recover your deleted profile


Are the messages I send to other members anonymous?
Yes. We preserve your privacy by delivering your messages through our system. None of your personal information (e.g., real name, email address, date of birth) is divulged to other members.


Can I include my personal email address as part of my message to another member?
Yes, but you do not have to do so. You may instead message one another exclusively through the site for the sake of anonymity.


How can I chat with other members?
You may only chat with members who are online, online members are shown by just clicking their profile, below their images its mention ONLINE NOW, You can click on it to begin the chat.​


How do I block a member from contacting me?
Nobody can contact you until and unless we get a consent from your side to share your details with the member.


How do I know if I have new messages in my inbox?
On the Home page, my mail box(1/1) will have the number of message in your Inbox.


How do I send a message?
For that you have to click on the member’s profile and next to him appears 4 option the last one SEND MESSAGE will send the message to that particular member.


How do I upload photos?
Click on MY PROFILE, just above photos there is an option of BACKGROUND IMAGE click on it and then select UPLOAD. 


How many photos can I upload?
Upto 20 Images


Why should I add my photo?
Other members are more likely to view your profile, well don’t worry you are under High Security.


How do I update my profile?
Click on My Profile on the Home Page and then click on EDIT PROFILE, you can update or edit your profile.


How do I search for other members?
Click on the QUICK SEARCH on the welcome page of HAMARA NIKAH you will be able to see all the registered members.​